Senior Lead Investigator / Co-Founder

My name is Tina Butterworth, and I am the assistant team lead investigator for The Original West Virginia Paranormal.

Its kind of a funny story to how I got into the group. I was working a midnight job and Rob Henry just so happen to be there one night. We got to talking about the paranormal and he said he had a paranormal team. I may have cussed him (thinking he was hitting or making passes at me) and then he handed me his card. Embarrassing right, still I went to my first investigation on October. 31, 2011 at the Ramdell House. I went as the public for one of the open investigations that TOWVP holds to educate people on what they actually do. Donna Smith (one of the lead investigators at the time) lost her voice. I simply asked if I could take over and got a call the next day about trying out for the team.

I love the group and everyone in it, we are like a big extended family all looking for the something....... THE TRUTH!!!!!

Most Memorable Experience:
The Ramsdell House, because it's has never failed us when it comes to paranormal activity.