Founder / Lead Invesigator

My journey into the world of the Paranormal began in 1985.

At 15 years old I was awaken in the night and saw a boy standing at the foot of my bed. He then just disappeared. Knowing I was awake and starting to see activity around my home I began researching the paranormal in depth.

Over the next 20 years I spent time in cemeteries, abandoned buildings, “haunted” forests and other places I shouldn’t have been. In 2007 my wife along with two friends founded The Original West Virginia Paranormal. It started as a hobby, four friends exploring the unknown with equipment from the 1990’s. Eventually we decided to use our talents in the paranormal field to help others. People that were scared , being hurt or even just to answer a question if they had it.

Since then my life has forever been changed. For 7 years I have been the lead investigator of TOWVP. In 2009, I spoke at my first conference. In 2010, I returned to that same conference as the keynote speaker. In April of 2012, we hosted the first and only conference for the cure to help raise money and awareness for cancer survivor, Carrie Ann Simmons.

I am currently awaiting the release of a documentary called Ghosts A Fire II. In Fall of 2014, we will begin filming of another documentary about the amazing and very historic Ramsdell House in Ceredo WV.

In January of 2014, I started hosting a talk radio show with Jason Olivo called Living Paranormal. The future is bright for TOWVP and for me in the paranormal field. Several projects are in the works and I anticipate speaking at many more conferences.