Kevin D.

My name is Kevin D, and I am the official Webmaster for The Original WV Paranormal. I designed the very page you are reading this on.

I wouldn't really consider myself an investigator, or anything else to that extent. However, i do occasionally go on investigations with the team, and i have been on a few intense investigations as well, so i certainly am not skeptical when it comes to the paranormal.

I may not know what sort of entities are out there, but i do believe that they are there, living among us.

Thanks for reading my bio! Excelsior!

Most Memorable Experience:

We did an investigation of a friend's parent's house. There were a lot of things i could and still can't explain. Smoke coming from the ground where it shouldn't, people getting scratched, lights turning on by themselves, people hunching over in pain as if they just got punched, a general sickness coming over everyone... It made me believe that there might certainly be many things out there, things that cannot be explained.