All of the evidence you see below is also on our YouTube channel, found at the link below..


Who are you?

An EVP of an entity asking who we are.

You Retard

One of our investigators was actually insulted in this clip from a private residence at an undisclosed residence.

Do You Love Me Jim?

In this clip of an investigation of a private residence in Madison, WV an entity speaks to an investigator calling him by name. All feed back welcome.

X-Ray Room at Moundsville

5 EVP's in under 2 minutes. Not too shabby. Please give us feedback on what you think and what you hear. I look forward to seeing what you think.

Moundsville Laser Grid

Video taken on November 16th 2011. Two people were in the room but both were behind the camera. The laster grid picked up something outstanding. We've never seen anything like it. Please let me know what you guys think.

Moundsville Prison

Filmed in Moundsviille, WV prison in the Suger Shack. The lady in this video didn't feel her hair being moved and no one noticed until the video was watched after.

Cushion Moved

Cushion caught being pushed off of a bed. We tried to reproduce this but were unable to do so.

EMF Detector

Our EMF detector reacts while on an investigation.