I'm a former investigator of Spars / taps also I was with MonsterVisionTv.com and the PIT Crew with doing Documentaries and Filming for Tv ... and Shadow Initiative ...I was the Tech. Specailist With The Team with Pit Crew . Also I have been on My Ghost Story (2012) •A&E Biography ... I also have sponsors for my equipment that I test out and write reviews on how well the equipment works in the paranormal field... I have a love for the paranormal and find it absolutely fascinating. I need to exhaust all reasonable causes before I think something is paranormal. I do not think we are alone in this universe on many different levels. What is something that people don't know about me??? I am intrigued by all things paranormal.

Most Memorable Experience:

At a young age, I have had a encounter with a ghost in a home I was raised in and every since then I have has a passion for the paranormal.